Cakes, Cakes and Mo Cakes!

When you bake the cakes they will come! Yes, Von’s Sweet Thangs is all the buzz. I am doing it and I love it! This past weekend I created a fondant covered white cake,  spades inspired; with a buttercream border.


I have always been crafty. Since a child I remember on several occasions I would always get in my mom’s kitchen and make a yellow box cake with chocolate frosting! That was my staple cake. Arts, crafts, DIY’s, baking and decorating, that’s my jam. I get into my zone and I just flow. I don’t like to stop until the deed is done. It’s like therapy and I’m in a good space when I perform my magic.

I have an upcoming kid’s party in which I will be making and designing the backdrop and treats for the kids. There will be chocolate covered pretzels, oreos and rice krispy treats all minion themed. Shoot, I think I’m more excited about it than the kids. It’s funny how little things such as this makes me smile inside. I have put what I enjoy as my passion which was a hobby into a business.


I’m here to bring the Sweet Thangs, so ask somebody that knows somebody that needs somebody. Get your sweet on!

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How To Get Away With M$rder: O.J. Simpson Style

Well, well, well, well, well. We finally get to see his face behind the story of the book “If I Did It“, as it was told by him on Monday night’s never aired interview from 2006. To actually see his face as he described some of the events in his book as “hypothetically” told of him murdering two people was unreal.  How in the hell can you describe hypothetically what you would have done that you did do but not for real? Did I just make sense? Right, and neither does he.

This man has literally confessed to murder, explained how he did it and how he got away with it ever so nonchalantly. When he was being asked questions, the interviewer specifically asked him questions wording it in first person format and he answered as such. I also want to know, who is Charlie? He kept referring to a Charlie person that was supposedly there with him during the time of the murders as he explained it. Charlie also had the knife in which O.J. said he took from him and then after that moment he blacked out. Oh, and he said he left the glove there too.

This was a crime of passion, rage and it was very personal.  It isn’t far fetched that this man could have done something as heinous as this. Pushed to the limit with as much anger as he had inside for her,  I sincerely believe he had the capability, the strength and the means to do it. He described an instance where he went to her wake and as he was looking at her in the casket he expressed his anger for her in that moment; blaming her yet and still. His behavior was documented. All the abuse this woman suffered at his hand was captured via police calls, pictures and witnesses.

From the interview I watched and the words I heard out of his own mouth. I am convinced of his guilt. I watched some of these events unfold when it happened. I watched some of the trial. I was never a fan of his, nor was I on a bandwagon screaming free O.J. Why? He has never have and never will do anything for me. I do not get caught up in the hype nor become a stan of any celebrity. At the end of the day, they are human like I am, breathing the same air and shit out of a rectum. Nothing extra special.

This fool really did get away with murder!



The Year Of No Fear. The Making Of Von’s Sweet Thangs

Happy Sunday! What a good day that it is. I went to service this morning and got a dose of the Word for my spirit. It’s always good to feed the soul since we are spiritual beings ya know.

I’m also excited because we are having a babyshower get-together for my son and his girlfriend. We will be welcoming baby Kairo into the world coming in a few weeks. I had the pleasure of making my lil man a pillow cake which I am super excited about. Its a blue velvet cake and vanilla cake that I can’t wait to tear into it.



The pillow looks so comfy as though it is the real thing. I did my thang with this one. I’ve actually started Von’s Sweet Thangs, my sweet business where I want to put my talent and hobby into full gear. I have been allowing my fear to get in the way but I said shoot not anymore. I love to bake, I enjoy creating, I love sweets so why the hell not. So, this is the year of no fear ya heard? Lol.

Well let me get my baked beans out the oven and start on these deviled eggs.


If You Look In My Life You’ll See What I See


As I sit here contemplating on the right things to decide, will I take the wrong direction all my life, where will I go what lies ahead of me”.  As those words so eloquently sung by fellow Xscape member LaTocha Scott, words I can relate to, literally I ask myself, where will I go? What really lies ahead of me? There is no expiration date on dreams and aspirations and even as a forty something young woman I’m ready to start living and pursue them.

Sometimes in life we may not know what those things are, how to attain them, when to start or where to go. We are still finding ourselves late in the “game” of life holding on to that passion we have had deep down inside lying dormant and not until a certain time (or age) is it acted upon.  I take a look deep inside and ask myself, why you wait so long? You this age and you should’a, could’a, would’a have done that.  Peers my age have accomplished a lot more than I have with homes, taking trips out of the country, just living looking all happy and what-not and have “made it”. You know what though, my time is my time and sure there are a lot of things I should have done differently. Got me wondering If I would have picked that man and not this one, or if I would have listened to what mama used to say, how much differently would my life have really been. I will never know.



Yes, I want money stacked in the bank, yes, I’m tired of bill collector’s constant calls, yes, I want a home, yes, I really want to make money doing what I enjoy, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! But who do I run to? That is the question. Hmph. Life, it’s something else, we can’t pick and choose it but we can map it out, draw up a blue print, write a table of content, however when those unforeseen road blocks, potholes, dead ends, slippery when wet and road closed signs appear we have got to make adjustments and keep rolling, rolling, rolling.


My life, my life, my life, my life.

Is It Really All About The Benjamins Dough?

Listen, how many of us women would love to have a man to just come home and lay all the bread on the table? Yea, Cuban bread. Wait, what? That old saying that he got to bring something to the table did not mean bread, literally. We’re talking about dinero, moola, dollar, dollar bill y’all them benjamins baby! And why not?

Some men’s way of thinking about bringing it to the table is their sex game, let’s keep it all the way real. Boy bye! Your nature rising is not going to make my credit score rise. As women we have got to demand more before we get into a relationship. I tell ya hindsight is 20/20. Love oh Love, so many people use your name in vain, in the words of Musiq Soulchild.  Love does not pay the bills. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying it isn’t essential to a relationship but does it really? When’s the last time you told rent, car note, electric and food I’m just gone pay it with Love? I instill in my daughters that if you decide to get in a relationship make sure that person is bringing more to the table than what you have. Someone who is going to elevate you and then you two can elevate together. Be honest now, when you meet someone what are you looking for initially? You are looking for what he or she can do for you so let’s keep it one hundred. Then love evolves, it grows. Hence the saying fall in and out of love, why because it’s an emotion. Come on somebody!

So, is it really all about the Benjamins Dough? No not really. But without it nowadays what can we do? I’ll wait. As a woman who has been married 20 years I know a lil something, something not an expert but knowledgeable through my own experiences. And that old saying if I knew then what I know now, yea right I knew it then just didn’t put it into action. My outlook is so much different now than it was 20 years ago. We have got to stop settling because of love only. Then all of a sudden you’re stuck in a 20 year relationship, in the same place where you started 20 years ago. Doesn’t make sense. So if he ain’t coming with them Benjamins Dough, he can keep making stale bread.


Who Said Better Late Than Never!?

Well it’s Monday morning the day after Superbowl Sunday and if you’re like me you know what that means. Tired and sleepy. But, a lady has to do what a lady has to do and get that m-o-n-e-y! In a  few months it will be my birthday and I want to party like it’s l999. No, for real that was a good year for me, young and ripe. LOL! With 4 children already I might add, but that’s another story.

For my birthday my girls and I plan on going to New Orleans, a girls trip. In my forty plus years of living I have not been to Louisiana and I’m excited about it. My young ladies are ages 22 and 27 and I always get that “you don’t look like you have kids that old” saying. Well that’s what happens when you start early to get them out the way. The excitement of it all actually comes because this will be the first time we will have gone on a trip to spend mother and daughter time together, in which I’m not proud to say.  It should not have taken this long to begin to do something like this with my girls. I guess there is always a season for everything, right? Well the season begins in 2018 baby, mama gonna get her sexy back! Don’t believe me just watch!

Superbowl LII

Well, well, well what time is it! It’s time for some football! Superbowl 52 is upon us and what a coincidence is it that we had at our church service today non other than David Patten! Yessir! Three time Superbowl champion with the New England Patriots turned pastor came to give us the word this morning. It was refreshing to hear how he completely gave his life to God and the trial he went through to achieve greatness and how he compared it to the work ethic required to achieve greatness in your spiritual life as well. Now of course he was bias on who is going to win tonight and made it very clear, all in good fun however. For me, I’m an old Eagles fan back when McNabb was quarter back. Well we’re just gonna have to see but I truly hope they give us a game! Some umph if you will. So everyone let’s get ready for some football!!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Sometimes you just wanna talk. As I contemplated on the decision to create a blog I knew I had some things to say. My story of beauty, strength and survival in all aspects of my life to be told. From cancer survival, being in a twenty year marriage, not living my life to the fullest thus far to what I plan on changing as a woman in her mid forties. So if you’re ready to talk, for real, buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton