Superbowl LII

Well, well, well what time is it! It’s time for some football! Superbowl 52 is upon us and what a coincidence is it that we had at our church service today non other than David Patten! Yessir! Three time Superbowl champion with the New England Patriots turned pastor came to give us the word this morning. It was refreshing to hear how he completely gave his life to God and the trial he went through to achieve greatness and how he compared it to the work ethic required to achieve greatness in your spiritual life as well. Now of course he was bias on who is going to win tonight and made it very clear, all in good fun however. For me, I’m an old Eagles fan back when McNabb was quarter back. Well we’re just gonna have to see but I truly hope they give us a game! Some umph if you will. So everyone let’s get ready for some football!!

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