Cakes, Cakes and Mo Cakes!

When you bake the cakes they will come! Yes, Von’s Sweet Thangs is all the buzz. I am doing it and I love it! This past weekend I created a fondant covered white cake,  spades inspired; with a buttercream border.


I have always been crafty. Since a child I remember on several occasions I would always get in my mom’s kitchen and make a yellow box cake with chocolate frosting! That was my staple cake. Arts, crafts, DIY’s, baking and decorating, that’s my jam. I get into my zone and I just flow. I don’t like to stop until the deed is done. It’s like therapy and I’m in a good space when I perform my magic.

I have an upcoming kid’s party in which I will be making and designing the backdrop and treats for the kids. There will be chocolate covered pretzels, oreos and rice krispy treats all minion themed. Shoot, I think I’m more excited about it than the kids. It’s funny how little things such as this makes me smile inside. I have put what I enjoy as my passion which was a hobby into a business.


I’m here to bring the Sweet Thangs, so ask somebody that knows somebody that needs somebody. Get your sweet on!

You can find me on instagram @vons_sweet_thangs and facebook von’s sweet thangs and

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