How To Get Away With M$rder: O.J. Simpson Style

Well, well, well, well, well. We finally get to see his face behind the story of the book “If I Did It“, as it was told by him on Monday night’s never aired interview from 2006. To actually see his face as he described some of the events in his book as “hypothetically” told of him murdering two people was unreal.  How in the hell can you describe hypothetically what you would have done that you did do but not for real? Did I just make sense? Right, and neither does he.

This man has literally confessed to murder, explained how he did it and how he got away with it ever so nonchalantly. When he was being asked questions, the interviewer specifically asked him questions wording it in first person format and he answered as such. I also want to know, who is Charlie? He kept referring to a Charlie person that was supposedly there with him during the time of the murders as he explained it. Charlie also had the knife in which O.J. said he took from him and then after that moment he blacked out. Oh, and he said he left the glove there too.

This was a crime of passion, rage and it was very personal.  It isn’t far fetched that this man could have done something as heinous as this. Pushed to the limit with as much anger as he had inside for her,  I sincerely believe he had the capability, the strength and the means to do it. He described an instance where he went to her wake and as he was looking at her in the casket he expressed his anger for her in that moment; blaming her yet and still. His behavior was documented. All the abuse this woman suffered at his hand was captured via police calls, pictures and witnesses.

From the interview I watched and the words I heard out of his own mouth. I am convinced of his guilt. I watched some of these events unfold when it happened. I watched some of the trial. I was never a fan of his, nor was I on a bandwagon screaming free O.J. Why? He has never have and never will do anything for me. I do not get caught up in the hype nor become a stan of any celebrity. At the end of the day, they are human like I am, breathing the same air and shit out of a rectum. Nothing extra special.

This fool really did get away with murder!