If You Look In My Life You’ll See What I See


As I sit here contemplating on the right things to decide, will I take the wrong direction all my life, where will I go what lies ahead of me”.  As those words so eloquently sung by fellow Xscape member LaTocha Scott, words I can relate to, literally I ask myself, where will I go? What really lies ahead of me? There is no expiration date on dreams and aspirations and even as a forty something young woman I’m ready to start living and pursue them.

Sometimes in life we may not know what those things are, how to attain them, when to start or where to go. We are still finding ourselves late in the “game” of life holding on to that passion we have had deep down inside lying dormant and not until a certain time (or age) is it acted upon.  I take a look deep inside and ask myself, why you wait so long? You this age and you should’a, could’a, would’a have done that.  Peers my age have accomplished a lot more than I have with homes, taking trips out of the country, just living looking all happy and what-not and have “made it”. You know what though, my time is my time and sure there are a lot of things I should have done differently. Got me wondering If I would have picked that man and not this one, or if I would have listened to what mama used to say, how much differently would my life have really been. I will never know.



Yes, I want money stacked in the bank, yes, I’m tired of bill collector’s constant calls, yes, I want a home, yes, I really want to make money doing what I enjoy, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! But who do I run to? That is the question. Hmph. Life, it’s something else, we can’t pick and choose it but we can map it out, draw up a blue print, write a table of content, however when those unforeseen road blocks, potholes, dead ends, slippery when wet and road closed signs appear we have got to make adjustments and keep rolling, rolling, rolling.


My life, my life, my life, my life.