The Year Of No Fear. The Making Of Von’s Sweet Thangs

Happy Sunday! What a good day that it is. I went to service this morning and got a dose of the Word for my spirit. It’s always good to feed the soul since we are spiritual beings ya know.

I’m also excited because we are having a babyshower get-together for my son and his girlfriend. We will be welcoming baby Kairo into the world coming in a few weeks. I had the pleasure of making my lil man a pillow cake which I am super excited about. Its a blue velvet cake and vanilla cake that I can’t wait to tear into it.



The pillow looks so comfy as though it is the real thing. I did my thang with this one. I’ve actually started Von’s Sweet Thangs, my sweet business where I want to put my talent and hobby into full gear. I have been allowing my fear to get in the way but I said shoot not anymore. I love to bake, I enjoy creating, I love sweets so why the hell not. So, this is the year of no fear ya heard? Lol.

Well let me get my baked beans out the oven and start on these deviled eggs.